About Us

The Company

“Humble Beginnings to Leading Food Manufacturer.”

Annapurna Universal Foods Pvt. Ltd is a leading ready to eat food brand which operates its own manufacturing facility at Jamnagar road, Rajkot in Gujarat.

The company commenced its journey towards excellence in the year 2009 with a small unit manufacturing Khakhra. With an organized effort the company beat the start up blues to soon become a force to reckon with. While every beginning has challenges of its own the company faced many such obstacles. However, with team work and focus on well set goals, it overcame the odds to sustain and grow with time.

Starting with 30 employees, the company today provides employment to more than 350 people, most of whom hail from rural background.

In the initial period company operated with traditional equipment but in a short time, they set up latest equipments to improve quality and quantity of production. With 50,000 Sq ft of modern food manufacturing plant, the company is proud to be a leading manufacturer of excellent Indian ethnic snacks in the region.

Jaimin Snacks is the flagship brand under which more than 100 products of Annapurna make to Indian as well as foreign markets. The quality and taste of the products, presented in excellent packaging make sure that consumers demand more of Jaimin Snacks.

With networks spread across the world, the brand is experiencing an unprecedented demand in snacks. There are more than 10 countries eagerly demanding Jaimin snacks increasing the exports consistently. Jaimin snacks’ presence in India is equally good and with the new online shopping application, the consumers will be delighted to enjoy the offerings.

The Founder: Mr. Manoj Solanki

“Visionary Entrepreneur with his Heart in the right place”

When you meet him he comes across as a very humble person with friendliness and smiles enlightening his aura. His approach to life and work is pretty simple and uncluttered. He has been in food industry since the year 2000, and in the period he has gained expertise and experience of taking such business to success. As the founder and first generation entrepreneur he dons many hats at Annapurna.

The Leader
He is a born leader who loves to inspire and motivate people to perform above their beliefs and abilities. He puts faith in his subordinates and trains them to perform without feeling stress of work.
His ability to establish work environment in the plant and office cascades down to delivering quality products as well as servicing all stakeholders equally.

With excellent people skills and a heart to serve, he makes friends easily outside the organization which enables him to form strong sustainable business networks. His ability to listen, understand and implement almost immediately helps him change fast and adapt to changing needs of business environment. By doing this he sets a perfect example for his team to follow and eventually grow into a united force of performance.

The Food Technician
With more than 15 years of experience in food industry and a background in farming, he understands the DNA of food technology very deeply. He has the ability to churn out tasty as well as healthy recipes in Indian foods.
From prototype testing to establishing an efficient manufacturing system of production, he possesses expertise of the total process.

An ardent follower of quality performance he is very stringent about quality of systems and discipline. The habit to be uncompromising in quality reflects in the high quality and consistency of products that roll out of Annapurna.

The Visionary Businessman
He has an inborn ability to visualize what will happen next in the food industry. This probably is the mighty force that drives his vision to become a leader in Indian Ethnic food sector. He is ready to experiment on his new ideas and innovate to test his vision. This has very much helped Annapurna foods reach great heights.

As a businessman he seeks to make friends of all entities attached to the business. He looks at suppliers, buyers, service providers and employees as an integral part of Annapurna. This increases the boundaries of his business empire.

With his attitude to let go as well as take risks, he gives a great example of a true Gujarati Businessman. His focus is consistently on growth and expansion of products, range and volumes but highest levels of quality.

The Server
Every Entrepreneur needs to have an eye for service to humanity and life as a whole. Annapurna foods have employed more than 350 people out of which 90% come from illiterate rural background.

He runs classes in his premises for these employees and trains them to be better not only at work but at home as well. While our PM Shri Narendra Modiji started Sanitation Drive through Swachh Bharat in 2014, and promoted wash rooms and toilets in rural India, Manojbhai has been doing the same since 2007. He gets toilets installed in homes of his employees as an incentive of good performance.

Such is his zeal to serve the people that serve his organization that he makes sure that life of every employee is constantly getting better in every way. This betterment comes through change in attitude through his trainings and teachings.

The writer is a friend of Manoj Solanki since last 12 years.


Manufacture ready to eat Indian Snacks and make it readily available anywhere in the world.


  •  Manufacture world class ready to eat Food Products that promote health and taste.
  •  Provide excellent work environment to illiterate villagers to work as well as grow in every aspect of life.
  •  Cater to Digital India through setting up online and mobile friendly shopping experience.